Discover your own spirit of adventure and live your dream - spend your holidays in our Truckcamper on Iceland in summer 2017!

Northstar Camper 600 on Mitsubishi L200

Our rental truckcamper: Northstar 600SS from Northstar Campers, one of the most experienced truckcamper manufacturer of the US, sitting on a special adapted Mitsubishi L200

The camper will be available on Iceland from mid May 2017 to mid september 2017. The other time it will be based in Germany for exploring main Europe.

Visit Iceland in summer 2017 – get your first impression here:

4x4 Abenteuercamper an enterprise of northstarmobil

We are a daugther of northstarmobil GmbH, based in the north of Germany and we rent 4x4 trucks with truckcamper. At the moment this is a

Northstar Popup Camper 600SS sitting on an optimal adapted Mitsubishi L200